For smartphone enthusiasts, Android phones give one thing that Apple doesn’t and wouldn’t give: customization. I’ve seen enough setups to take this as a fact; everything about your Android device you can virtually customize, from the icons to wallpapers to other UI elements.

But where does one start?

There are many places you can start with, but wallpapers are among the safest. They normally don’t take too much space or juice and they don’t make too disruptive a change. On this post, we’ll share with you five of what we think are the best wallpaper apps for Android.

Peppy Wallpapers

Peppy Wallpapers provide just what their name implies: fun, poppy, and funky retro wallpapers that are easy to complement and customize. If you’re using an Androidwear device, Peppy supports it. What’s more, Peppy is completely free.

Get Peppy Wallpapers on the Play Store.

Muzei Live Wallpapers

I’m enjoying the heck out of this app a lot. My lifestyle doesn’t always permit it, but I love going to museums. Muzei’s daily changing wallpapers turn my phone into a living museum. Every day, Muzei will flash an artwork on your homescreen. It’s like going to MoMA everyday. For free. Read how Muzei came about on Roman Nurik’s Medium article.

Get Muzei on the Play Store.


If your smartphone sports an OLED display, you owe it to yourself to use its gorgeous, deep blacks and battery-saving advantages. Enter Darkdrops, a completely free library of high-resolution, OLED-friendly wallpapers you can ornate your home screens with.

Get Darkdrops on the Play Store.


There wasn’t a proper Unsplash app on Android until Resplash came along. On the off chance that you’re unfamiliar with Unsplash, it is a platform for photographers who want to share their photos for other people to use. Resplash does a great job of implementing the code provided by Unsplash and making an all-around application that also allows users to set photos from Unsplash as wallpapers in just a few taps.

   Resplash- screenshot

Get Resplash on the Play Store.

Hex Shaders

Hex Shaders is a free app that offers a bunch of gorgeous-looking live wallpapers. The wallpapers sport this unique, captivating halftone effect that adapts to the movement from the wallpapers themselves. Take a look at this, for example.

Get Hex Shaders on the Play Store.


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