Greenpeace, an international non-government environmental organization, recently released a report stating that the Philippines ranks third as the world’s worst polluter of oceans, the first two being China and Indonesia.

The main culprits are the”Western consumer giants” packaging products in non-biodegradable and easily disposable material. As these are used only once before it is thrown away, the accumulation of trash along Manila Bay alarmed Greenpeace during their cleanup campaign. According to a report by the Philippine Star, more than 54,200 plastic waste were retrieved from the bay alone. Waste included quite a large number of sachets. Products packed in sachets are easily bought and are inexpensive, making this extreme accessibility a primary cause of improper waste disposal and therefore leading to this big of a water pollution problem.

The brands contributing to the production of plastic material were Nestlé, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble, as Greenpeace pointed out. Nestle has then informed Greenpeace regarding its future plans to create more sustainable and environment-focused packaging for their products.

Greenpeace also revealed through Inquirer that the Philippines contributes 1.88 million tons of “mismanaged plastic waste” every single year.


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