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About Us - Typist PHWHAT WE DO

Typist PH is a Filipino popular culture blog bringing you the latest news and happenings in the Philippines and around the world. Various trends are all over the place but featuring them is not enough. Through Typist PH, we are able to speak our views and opinions about certain popular culture topics in both formal and absolutely crazy ways.

We are passionate about going beyond borders, including writing. Typist PH is also our platform for multimedia creation that allows us to reach different people of different backgrounds. It’s also our excuse to go extra wild on a fun topic.

We are very proud to be one of the fastest growing news and entertainment websites in the Philippines.


Our content can range from cute animal videos to in-depth reviews of new products in the market. Maybe we’ll tell you what phone to buy this year, what movies to watch, and where to buy the makeup products you’ve been looking for since last year. But mainly our goal is to write about things you and your mom’s cousin’s friend’s doctor can relate to.

We aim to make Typist PH a popular culture blog for anyone.