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Back to School: How to Increase Productivity While Studying

First day of school – that one day you look like your life’s all put together. Studying is sometimes a big pain especially if you just hate the subject. But don’t escape your way out of school, don’t forget that you need this education. So...

Can Face Towels Really Cause Acne?

Face towels aren’t helping your acne breakouts at all. Aside from other factors like diet, hormones, and certain medications, your face towels might be the reason why your acne won’t get better no matter how many times you cleanse. What...

Jomalig Island Guide 2017: Directions, Resorts, and Tours

Jomalig Island (hu-MA-lig) is the golden paradise of Quezon Province only a handful people ever talk about. And when they do, they will tell you stories of pristine beaches and clear waters alongside the golden sand and lush forests. Their main...

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