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The Pizza Bath Bomb Exists And It Actually Smells Like Pizza

You can now submerge a pizza in your bath and be happy about it. A pizza bath bomb exists and its was created by BathesdaBoutique on Etsy. It is shaped and colored like the real thing and it can also smell like pizza if you want. If not, you can...

Mermaid Leg Makeup on Twitter is Both Disturbing and Fascinating

People have been doing mermaid makeup for ages. But this weekend, Channing Carlisle surprised us all with her brand new SFX transformation – a mermaid leg. The makeup artist posted a photo of her creation on her Twitter. It was her ripped up...

Find The Best Nude Lipstick Shade By Checking Your Nipples

Honestly, this is going to blow your mind and make you cringe at the same time. Real doctors in the show The Doctors finally revealed how you can find the best nude lipstick shade for you. And yep, it’s supposed to match the color of your nipples...

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