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‘Castlevania’ Is Getting a New Season

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha are out for Dracula!

Top Yoga Videos and Tips for Beginners

Yoga may look like the chillest workout out there but trust me, it’s really not. It involves a lot of strength, flexibility, and the constant conditioning that comes with all of those. But before you hop...

You Need To Watch ‘Birdshot’. Now. Here’s Why.

Mikhail Red's new film is itself a beast of the rarest kind.

The Newest Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette is Glitter Heaven

Jerrod Blandino, Chief Creative Officer of Too Faced Cosmetics, wrote on Instagram just yesterday that he will not be releasing the date of the newest Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette, at least for now...

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What Is Jungkook From BTS Doing on a Wheelchair?

BigHit Entertainment, the agency behind the multi-awarded Korean Pop group BTS, just released a poster entitled Love Yourself. This features their youngest member Jeon Jungkook on a wheelchair with holding a bouquet of flowers. This kind of reminds...

On Going to Work With Emotional Pain

Going to work with emotional pain is a tiring thing. You have to constantly fight being on autopilot and get things done before you start doubting your own capabilities. Strangely, you’re wishing everything in your life must be perfect because...