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Words to live by from Michelle Obama

These past months, the First Lady of the United States has been delivering the most inspiring speeches.

First off, she delivered a motivating commencement speech to The City College of New York graduates last month.

Not really a speech, but she also went to do Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Missy Elliot, because why the hell not?

Michelle is all of us.


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And of course, she gave the most stirring and powerful speech at the recent Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


To celebrate this intelligent, impeccable, classy, and elegant woman, we compiled some inspirational words from the First Lady herself:

1. Michelle shared this badass answer from a Marie Claire interview when asked about how she feels when being picked on:


2. During a trip to South Africa, she shares this moving statement to Africa’s most influential women:


3. Her advice to girls when they fall in love?


4. Her 2012 DNC speech also inspired tears, and she leaves this perspective-shifting statement with it:


5. Also from her 2012 DNC speech, she shared this memorable line that will make you appreciate the people who helped you in your life:


6. Another advice to teen girls, she dropped this truth bomb to young students at Harlem’s Apollo Theater for the #62MillionGirls initiative which is part of the Let Girls Learn campaign she launched last year:


7. Last on this list, is of course, the Obama family’s motto she shared from her recent DNC speech that brought everyone to tears tbh:


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Same Barack, we love her too.


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