Taking a selfie in this day and age isn’t something new – currently, with the media’s unbelievable amount of selfies posted every day, a number of people overlook the art behind self-portraits. I’ve heard and read people’s opinions highlighting the negative aspect of indulging in this art, but a grounded expression on vanity and pride is healthy to any person’s pleasure. After all, it’s all about balance in life.

Believe me, taking a good selfie isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It takes a bit of time to plan and prepare for that high-quality selfie that we’ve all been yearning for – you know, the kind that could reach the same level as our idols’ ‘insta-worthy’ shots. I’ve been studying film and photography for four years now, and you’d be surprised how difficult it is for me to capture myself properly. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:


I cannot stress this enough – lighting is necessary if you want to achieve a high-quality output. Find natural lighting that would accentuate everything you want to show, but don’t forget the importance of shadows in your photographs as well. Make sure there is shadow where it is needed, you wouldn’t want your portrait to look overexposed or flat. Like what I said, balance is key, and a good contrast assures you a dynamic selfie. Here are a few different lighting and its effects:

  • Direct Sunlight

I believe that this is best when you’re taking a selfie and want to feature your background as well. But avoid sunlight during noon, as it is the time of day wherein the sun is harsh and directly overhead, which will lead to casting unflattering shadows on your face. The best time of day for a selfie is during the morning and late afternoon, wherein the sun is bright enough to cast a soft glow on yourself, plus capture your background without sacrificing detail.

  • Window Lighting

When you’re at home, find a nice spot where the light reaches inside. Place a white paper or shirt beneath your face to help illuminate it.

  • Backlit Lighting

Most of the time, backlit lighting isn’t encouraged. It can either result in an overexposed portraits, or cast a silhouette. However, natural backlighting can add powerful and dramatic results if done correctly. You can achieve the right exposure and golden outline by framing it in a way wherein the sun is partly behind you. Make sure that the majority of the sun is blocked and your camera shielded from too much light.


If it’s a travel selfie, then make sure that your background is given enough prominence as well. If you can apply the rule-of-thirds in this part, even better. Find a balance between your foreground (you) and your background. If you’re at home, make sure to separate yourself from your background. Plain backgrounds may look clean, but it tends to be flat. An interesting backdrop is eye-catching and can add layers to your selfie.


Selfies can be boring if your output is always the same – add something new to the mix! What is the purpose of that selfie? Is it to showcase your OOTD? If so, you can spice it up by curating a good setting. This time, a plain back-drop is preferable, as it helps add spotlight to your outfit. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Add some props; a chair, plants, string lights, ladder, anything!


A good selfie means that you can’t just rely on a point-and-shoot tactic – take the time to understand the rule-of-thirds, especially if you want to showcase your background as well. Make sure your background is well-adjusted – get rid of negative space, unless it has purpose.


One of the main reasons why I find it hard to take selfies is because I lack self-confidence. No matter how amazing the setting is, something is just missing, and it turns out looking half-baked and awkward. The point of taking a selfie is to capture your moment – so if you feel uncomfortable, believe me, it will show. Confidence and your ability to showcase different poses and angles go hand-in-hand. You won’t be able to pose properly if you doubt yourself.


With all the factors to consider, one of the most important is the camera to used. Of course, you want to use a trusted brand for taking your selfies. I mean, who would want to have so-so Display image on their social media accounts, right? Make sure to get yourself a #SelfieExpert phone, like the OPPO F1s and take an effortless insta-worthy selfie.



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