The iPhone 7 is finally here. After numerous rumors and speculations all over the internet, Apple is here to confirm it all. While it sports new features, it’s still the usual iPhone that we are accustomed to. Here are 7 things we hate about the iPhone 7:

It’s not game changing


When there are iterations of flagship phones in the market, we are expecting huge technological jumps from the previous years. The iPhone 6S last year introduced the 3D touch in their display and it opened a new way to interact with your phone. For the iPhone 7, all Apple added was a dual camera setup which is found in a lot of smartphone such as the LG V20 and Huawei P9. We know innovation in smartphones are a lot slower these days but hey, this is Apple and we are expect something new.

Speaking of cameras…

The iPhone 7 lags behind the iPhone 7 Plus

This is one thing that I really hate about the new iPhone: they are now making the larger model more superior so you would be forced to choose it rather than making a decision based on your preference. What about those people who prefer smartphones with a smaller screen? They don’t get to experience those dual camera setup just because they chose to have a smartphone that fits in their hands. I would be glad to sacrifice the image stabilization of the 6S Plus just so I get to use my phone one-handed, but sacrificing a dual-camera setup? Hell no.

The design is still the same


It’s a bit disappointing when you know that Apple usually changes the design of their iPhone every 2 years. With the current design now lasting for 3 years already, we really expect a major redesign. Even if changing the design doesn’t really make the smartphone better, it’s still nice to have that change and a way to determine that you have the latest iPhone at first glance.

Bezels, Bezels, Bezels

It seems that every smartphone in the market right now has slimmer bezels right now compared to Apple. I mean, if we can have any minor redesign for the new iPhone, I would have chose for it to have slimmer bezels. People love the look of the sleek and thin bezel, but with this kind of iPhone having the same screen as the last two years, I may have to pass. If you hate bezels as much as I do, definitely wait for the next one.

The dual camera is still young

If you’re getting the larger model of the new iPhone then you’ll be greeted with Apple’s new dual camera setup. But because this is the first generation of Apple’s new camera setup, you’re likely to encounter some problems or bugs in both the software and hardware side of the phone. That’s the thing about new technologies, it is very likely that they’ll have issues. If camera is a big thing for you, I suggest you wait for it to evolve.

Battery problems

The one thing that Apple struggles with the iPhone each year  is the battery life and this year’s not that different. During the announcement of the iPhone, Apple stated that they have improved their battery life by saying that it lasts up to two hours longer than the previous model. Again, they did not state if they are changing to a bigger battery or it still uses the same but uses software to enhance the battery life. All we want is Apple to say the capacity of their battery so we can gauge how long it will last. Is it really that hard?

No headphone jack!


The stereo speakers for the iPhone comes with a price — the headphone jack. The 3.5mm jack is one of the oldest port that’s still around and every single device that comes out, it has one. If you have notice, the iPod Touch is thinner than the iPhone but it still has that headphone jack, so this isn’t about making the iPhone thinner. What really happened here is that there’s too much going on inside the iPhone that Apple had to make that sacrifice of letting the oldest port go. Apple tends to let go of things that we are accustomed to but people get used to it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to hate it.



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