The iPhone 7 is here and so is Apple’s start of the wireless revolution. They announced that the iPhone 7 will no longer have the old headphone jack and it will only have a Lightning port for everything else.

If you’re like an audiophile like me, that’s bad news. The choices you have is either go wireless or buy a Lightning headphones or use that ugly adapter that comes free with the iPhone 7.

I know, I get it. Apple is trying to move to the next big thing and they have that “courage” to make it so. They started with the floppy drive, LAN port and even the disk drive. But it is not fair to compare those things to the headphone jack.

If you look at it, there is nothing wrong with the headphone jack. The mediums that Apple removed through out the years was clearly holding back other medium that’s just better. But we get Apple has their own vision: every pair of wireless headphones should have that awesome W1 chip so nobody will have the struggle to connect their wireless device. And that’s okay.

But something is wrong with the iPhone 7. It doesn’t come with wireless AirPods in the box. To make it worse, they’ll be sold separately for a price of $159. In the box you’ll have a wired Lightning headphones which clearly is not making the wireless revolution more fascinating.

Simply put, Apple is trying to go for a wireless world by giving us more adapters. Let that sink in for a minute.


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