One the biggest concerns among smartphone users today is the issue of battery life. While newer phones come with bigger batteries and more optimized power consumption, sometimes the biggest factor is really individual usage behavior.

Nevertheless, there are actually quite a number of practical tips and even dedicated apps that will help you conserve the battery life of your smartphone. Here’s are some to tips to consider when you want to maximize the battery life of your smartphone.

Adjust Screen Brightness.

One of the biggest battery hogs with a smartphone is the screen so it’s best to be aware of the level of brightness. Only set the screen brightness to a level that’s comfortable to you without really cranking it to the max. There’s a feature to auto-adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the ambient light but this could even drain the battery faster. Try to set it between 30% to 50% and and see if it’s comfortable enough. You can also set the screen time-out to a shorter period, say 15 to 30 seconds.

Set Sound Volume to a Minimum.

If you often play a lot of music or watch videos on your phone, try to minimize the volume to a comfortable level. If you have an earphone, it’s better to use it instead of relying on the speakers.

Some people also like to enable the vibrate feature and this can also eat up on the battery. We suggest only activating this when you really need to rather than have it enabled all the time.

Trim Running Background Apps.

As you regularly open and use your favorite apps, they’ll eventually end up stacked in the background. Some of these apps are still using data and battery life. Just be mindful of them and reduce the number of opened apps in the background. Make it a habit to check the recent running apps button and clear some or all of them from time to time. It will also help make your phone run smoother.

Turn Off Data, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi when not in use.

Radio signals from WiFI, mobile internet, GPS and Bluetooth eat up a lot of battery life. Turn these off when not needed, especially mobile internet which is the biggest battery hog.

You can also use the Airplane Mode which deactivates all of the radio modems. Do remember that the next time you’re on a plane flight.

Reduce Widgets and Live Wallpaper.

Widget and live wallpapers might look really nice on your phone but they actually eat up some battery life as well.

Reduce the number of widgets on the screen at a minimum and replace a live wallpaper with a static one to prolong the battery life of your phone.

Use Power Saving Mode.

Most phones come with their native power saving features. The Power Saving Modes optimizes the functions of the phone to reduce battery consumption. There will be different levels or modes, each one more aggressive in terms of optimization.

Play around with the different modes just to see which ones are applicable to your needs. Some ultra-saving mode even turns your phone to black and white and turns off most of the services leaving only SMS and calls available to you. This is just for extreme conditions though.

Use Power Saving Apps.

There are actually a lot of 3rd party power saving apps in the app store to help you optimize your phone.

The more common ones we use is DU Battery Saver, Juice Defender and Clean Mater. If you want to have more granular control, try out Tasker or try the Greenify and Amplify combo though the last pair requires your phone to be rooted.

These are just some of the more common tips you can try in order to get the best battery life for your smartphone. Try some of them to see if it helps.


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