Many of us are celebrating how the days are growing colder, but along with it comes a heavy sense of foreboding. The night stretches on far longer than what we’re used to, and it seems that we should read up on the series ‘Stranger Things’ more because local shops are slowly becoming like The Upside Down, a dark reflection of our world with its spider-webs and gruesome décor. Truly, something wicked this way comes, and we couldn’t be any more excited for it! We thought we should put together something spooky, and what better way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than watching a horror film?

1. SIGAW by Yam Laranas


“Sigaw” is a subtly haunting tale that challenges the watchers with a choice – will you open your door to someone who is in need of help, even if it means allowing danger to be dragged along? Sigaw successfully delivers a frightening story by delving into the most frightening thing of all – relatable fear.  It follows the story of Marvin as he is haunted by the abuse of his neighbor and the struggle he faces trying to separate himself from the situation.

2. PA-SIYAM by Eric Matti


Nilo and his siblings gather together in their old home to respect the funeral rites of their mother and honor the Pa-Sayim, which is a nine-day prayer for the soul of the departed. They are told that she died of natural causes, but soon realize that their mother’s demise might have been caused by someone else.

3. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL 8 by Rahyan Carlos, Topel Lee and Mike Tuviera


There’s one thing you can always expect in MMFF – there will always be a familiar title amidst the colorful mix of films, and it’s Shake Rattle & Roll. It’s a time-old Filipino horror film series that has been on since the 80’s, and it usually has 3 stories all tied together in one bloody bow. In this 8th installment, we have the following: 13th Floor, Yaya and LRT.

4. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL 3 by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes


Another one for the books, Shake Rattle and Roll 3 holds the following stories: Yaya, a different story from the 8th installment, this one follows the story of a mother who desperately tries to save her baby from an unknown entity that is trying to take her child away. The second short, Ate, is about Roselyn who recently discovered her sister’s death. Upon coming home to her province, she soon finds out that her sister has been brought to life by a cult leader. And lastly, Nanay tells the story of a student who unwittingly disturbs a sea creature called Undin by bringing home her eggs.



The story revolves around a set of high school chums who find themselves intensely entangled with ghost hunting. Their skills as amateur ghost hunters are challenged as they meet a supernatural being called, The Ulanaya, which is a demonic creature that takes many forms. The gang now has to find numerous ways to outwit the overpowering creature.



This film follows the story of Corazon, a woman with regal beauty that becomes the center of gossip in her small, war-ravaged province. She and her husband have been praying for a baby for the longest time, and when it was answered, their hopes were quickly shattered after giving birth to a stillborn baby. This has set Corazon on a path to lunacy as she refuses to move on. Children from the village slowly started disappearing, and all fingers are pointing to her.

7. FENG SHUI by Chito Roño


Feng Shui was branded as one of the best local horror films, and to be honest, it is still one of our favorites! Playing around with the concept of the Filipinos’ belief of swerte, the story revolves around Joy who is battling an endless cycle of good and bad luck that was bound to her by a cursed bagua mirror.



Chito does it again with his classic gothic horror story that revolves around an underlying jealousy between two sisters. It also plays around with the trope of Filipino upper-class families from the 90’s: with Ruth being the spoiled younger sister, and Barbara being the eldest and selfless woman who sacrifices everything for the sake of her sister’s happiness. Ultimately, Ruth kills herself, and strange things start to happen to Barbara after her death.

9. HALIMAW SA BANGA by Mario O’hara


Hailed as the mother of all Pinoy monsters, the film will surely haunt your dreams with its main attraction – an ancient witch who was killed and trapped inside a large jar a long time ago. They say that curiosity killed the cat, and this rings true for this film as every person who takes a look inside the jar becomes its next victim.

10. YANGGAW by Richard Somes


“Yanggaw” is a blend of horror and drama, and it portrays the lengths a family would go through to protect one of their own despite the fact that their daughter is evolving into a horrifying monster.



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