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5 Campaign Videos about Equality that You Have To See

Racial injustice and discrimination has always been present in our society – it is buried deep within the ground, and it slowly spreads its cancerous roots. How can we ever fully see and understand the tenacity of it? We’ve gathered five videos that could help us gather awareness and draw inspiration to dig a little more into the ever-present battle the world has with inequality.


When we think about Emma Watson, one word comes to mind: ineffable, which ironically means beyond words. She is famous for many things, and that’s what’s so inspiring about her. She is a strong yet gentle woman, a talented actress that we all loved throughout the years, and it’s a wonderful thing to see her grow into something even bigger as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Emma moves us to connect with society’s long-time struggle with equality in the most stirring and motivating way. In this video, she talks about the “hurdles” women have gone through (and successfully overcame) throughout the years.



This is a gratifying perspective on campaigning equality for women, as men gather together to initiate their involvement in the fight for equal rights. It calls upon men to rise up and stand with women in this movement. Check out the rest of their YouTube channel for more stories on equality. As stated on the HeForShe website, it “is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity, for the entirety of humanity.”



This video is about urging citizens to come together as a community and vote “yes” for same-sex marriage. It highlights people coming together in order to stand for their families, friends and strangers with the belief that love unities.


4. #LikeAGirl by ALWAYS

This video isn’t exactly led by a certain organization – Always is a brand that was well-known for instilling confidence in women, but it has always focused on delivering it through its functional terms (like products such as sanitary pads). In 2014, the brand released a video that challenged society’s stereotypes against girls. It successfully drove relevance, awareness and cultural change that empowers young women by revealing how our culture teaches us to limit the actions of our children to what seems ‘true’ to our label, and the expression ‘like a girl’ was often used as an insult that’s associated with weakness and emotional sensitivity. This campaign aimed to break that. screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-07-37-am

5. TOGETHER by Human 

This video talks about our society’s purpose: to unify, not to divide. It’s a beautiful visual representation of our racial differences that aims to build a world where we can all stand together and work for a better country for all of us.


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