Just like in Facebook, you’ll encounter a lot of people in Snapchat. While they are different in their own way, there are some types who currently dominate the popular app. Check out this list if you belong:

The Foodie


There’s a new restaurant in BGC? You’re there to snap it. All of your friends now know the whole menu because they saw the food from your profile in different angles. There’s also a selfie of you drinking that cocktail together with that dog filter.

The Animal Lover


You love Snapchat mainly because it’s the perfect place to spam videos and pictures of your adorable dog or cat. Or horse. Or hamsters. If you friends are stressed about life they just need to view your account for some needed motivation. No one hates you, because who hates animals? No one.

The Selfie Master


You go by the mantra “Snapchat is the extension of one’s self”. And by self, you mean Selfies. If people didn’t want to see your face on Snapchat, why would they bother to visit your Snaps in the first place, right? You are just here to give them what they want albeit duckface, dog filters and every filter ever existed.

The Mariah Carey


Your Snapchat account is your way so that your hidden singing talent will be heard. Even if you don’t have a great singing voice, you like to think of yourself as a star. Snapchat is your perfect place to live your dreams of being a superstar. And in here, you’ll always be better at lip-synching than Mariah Carey.

The Talk show Host


You always try to engage in a real and meaningful conversations over Snapchat. You always have topics to raise: politics, religion, relationships and trending news. Of course you’ll often forget what the question was by the time you get a response.

The Gym Rat


You’re super proud of your body and lifestyle that you think that everyone should be too. Your snaps are made of lifting weights, running, ab-selfies and healthy green milkshakes. You want to influence everyone that they should look forward to a healthier lifestyle, and that’s actually good.

The Non-existent


You can actually make this list in to 6 types because the last one is a Ghost. You signed up for Snapchat and never post, but rather, you prefer creeping on other people’s snaps. You often swipe through them very late at night, during the witching hour, and never snap back. Your other interests are: Facebook stalking, window shopping and anonymous comments.


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