Everytime a new year starts, we all want to change for the better and start new positive habits. These positive habits are good but unfortunately, most of the time, they don’t actually work and we tend to forget them mid-way. Even research back this up as 38 percent of people tend to make resolutions but only 8 percent of them will likely to succeed.

Instead of creating new and positive resolutions, why not just remove those bad habits that are holding us back? Here are some you might want to consider:

Stop underachieving

Come on, you’re better than this. You have a lot of potential and keep in mind that you’re not getting any younger. Start that dream business, resign from your horrible job, go to that gym, travel the world. Do it now. The only thing stopping you from that dream if yours is yourself. Not your friends, family, or your ATM.

Stop checking social media during work hours

Of course, that is if your work doesn’t really connect to social media. The fact that these platforms are made for you to stay there longer, makes it more time consuming. Getting hooked on Facebook and fun, but it’s really counterproductive — especially when you have a deadline to work on. Also, you might want to turn off those social media notifications so you won’t be tempted. You’ll have time to check those tweets during your break time.

Stop thinking that everything is all about you

Your angry moody HR isn’t planning to say bad things about you to his/her boss and your seat-mate whose listening to music all day isn’t mad at you. They’re just thinking about themselves and their own life problems. Don’t go in to conclusions as they don’t do any good.

I know you’re special in your own way, but it’s not always about you so cut it out. Always think about that when you’re around people and you’ll be fine.

Stop comparing yourself with everyone

Always keep in mind that you’ll never win this game. There’s always that someone who will be richer, smarter, and better looking. Just focus on improving yourself, your mindset, your health and you’ll win in your own way. Be thankful for what you currently have and just work for those things that want in life. Comparing yourself to others will just demotivate you.

Stop complaining

It won’t do you any good. Always mind of the words that’s going to come out of your mouth as they affect you and all the people around you. It’s better if you don’t speak at all if you’re just going to spout nasty and hurtful things. If someone does you wrong, let karma do the dirty job.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Stop making excuses

Just do it. And while you’re at it, you might want to kill that habit of creating reasons too. Think of it as excuses but with chocolate sprinkles on top.

Stop wasting time with negative people

If they don’t love and support you, or you’re just tired of being with them, then stop. You don’t have to do something bad, just stop being available to them. If they really care, they’ll notice. If not, they’re just too self-centered to care.

Stop saying yes to everything

Saying yes to everything is time-consuming. After the day, you might think that you don’t have enough time. But actually you do, it’s just that you spend your time doing the wrong things. Always evaluate the situation before accepting a request.

Your word for 2017 will be “NO”. Use it.


Stop worrying over things outside of your control

You won’t do any thing. Focus your time, energy and resources on improving yourself. The things that you can control are your body, your mind and situations that you’re involved in. Do master yourself and you’ll win.


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