From the simple to perhaps something that touches the heart, here are four things we want to see in the country, this year:

Social Media Awareness Campaign

With the mass of fake news circulating online and the alarming number of people who don’t understand what “satire” is, we find it essential for this kind of campaign to circulate. Although social media can be the “voice of the masses” because it is where people react towards what they hear from radio and television, it is always a good idea to take precaution. Something as simple as an infographic to help people find out if a certain piece of information is credible or not would be a great start to this campaign.

Improvement on Transportation

It seems impossible but we would really love to have a great improvement on our trains. But for now, maybe small changes like a more effective carpooling app, or for carpooling to become a “thing”.

On gender expression

Just two weeks ago, Maybelline announced their first male ambassador, Manny Gutierrez or more popularly known as MannyMUA. Make-up for men is not new.  YouTubers like Edward Avila have regarded make-up as a normal part of their everyday routine. Why? Because it’s 2017.  This year, we hope to see in the world even just a little change on gender expectations. Let’s face it, the world’s changing. We respond to what makes us happy as long as it doesn’t hurt other people.   Audi Spain even launched a commercial on toy stereotypes. Because there’s absolutely no reason why Barbie can’t drive a sports car, and why a boy can’t pick a doll.

Potato Corner Delivery

This one’s a long shot but how amazing would it be to have flavorful fries delivered right at your doorstep? There are third party websites that offer delivery of your favorite restaurant food items, but you have to admit it would be pretty cool to have a Potato Corner hotline.


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