It’s that time of the week again when you’re either faced with a ton of to-do’s or you’ve already given up on the world at 8am. Start your week right and get your daily dose of happiness from these Instagram accounts. 

Warning: May cause excessive gigil.


Nala’s one of the OG cat Instagram users. With over 3 million followers, she has already starred in a movie, and helped in promoting the popular cat food brand Friskies.


Nala has two adoptive siblings who are just as adorable, Coffee who just recently ‘kicked cancer’s butt’ and Luna Rose, a Scottish fold mix with those adorable short legs.


Maple is the best thing that ever happened to the music industry. She helps her human Trench (@acoustictrench) on his guitar covers by playing percussion and many other instruments. When she’s not making great music, Maple still enjoys listening to her human play the guitar… and sleeping. She loves being majestic outdoors too!



Chipotle is a newbie on Instagram, but she’s a guinea pig with # aesthetic. Her and her human’s Instagram accounts are so #feedgoals that we bet they can be a fashion blogger duo someday. But Chipotle has other priorities – more celery and maybe 20 more pounds of cabbage.



This list won’t be complete without a corgi. It’s only been a few days since Gamja’s first Instagram photo but he already has over 6,000 followers! Owned by YouTuber Sunny, he enjoys being photographed and meeting his human’s friends. Sunny chose a name so perfect for this fluffy Welsh Corgi – gamja being the Korean word for ‘potato’.


Jackjack and Tuna

2-in-1! Jackjack the Chihuahua and Tuna the Russian Blue are loved by their superstar mom, Amber Liu of f(x). Jackjack’s older but he’s a lot smaller than his cat sibling. He also speaks Chinese. And he was in one of Amber’s music videos! Tuna enjoys sleeping and going up awkward spaces when she’s not busy playing with Jackjack. They’re both troublemakers but that’s what makes them so fun to be with.


Basil Hayden

You might recognize him from a video where he teaches us which vegetables are great for dogs. He’s now a grown adult Golden and he loves goofing around the house if he’s not outside fetching whatever he wants to fetch.

Basil still loves eating healthy so he can be a good example for his dog friends and humans. Time to reevaluate your eating habits.


Shiba Mikho

This Shiba Inu is a fighter. He was born with partial paralysis but he continues to get better every single day. He loves getting wrapped in fluffy blankets and being hugged by his human companions. Mikho is a very smart and fearless dog who teaches us that possibilities are always endless.



He’s known for that video where he found out that standing in a pool was better than swimming. Other than making videos with his family, Cody is a sweet yellow lab that loves being cuddled. He also loves following people around and letting them know how much he adores them.



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