A while back we published an article on videos you should watch when you’re bored. Last in that list was that video of Jason Mraz inviting an amazing audience member who just went up to accompany the singer on his shakers. Until he started to sing. Jason Mraz said it himself, that this Stan the ‘shaker man’ sang Inara George’s part perfectly.

Watch it here:

We were so inspired by this video that we started looking for famous singers who invited audience members on stage skeptically, but ended up absolutely dumbfounded.

Michael Buble and ’15-Year-Old Killer’ Sam

Lea Salonga and Jared Young in “A Whole New World”

That look on Rihanna’s face when she heard Terah Jay sing

Adele blown away by show-stealer Caroline Cianfrocco

Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn who had a voice that might just change the world



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