Bob Nicolas’ SDE for Tricia Gosingtian and RG Gabunada’s wedding was so beautiful we couldn’t help but tear up a bit. Hearing their vows was the best part. We could almost imagine all the journeys they had together, and we’re looking forward to the new places they will discover soon.

RG and Tricia from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Love is a choice 

From M. Scott Peck, Love is a constant effort to continue. RG’s touching message, to choose to love Tricia every single day, is an immensely effortful act to keep on despite all challenges.
We don’t love because we just happen to hear our hearts beating when we see this person. We love because we have chosen to give our time to another so that we may grow together. 


You will find home

Of the thousand cities you can visit in the world, one way or another you will find yourself bouncing back to this one place. But Tricia teaches us one thing – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a place. For her, it’s the one she loves, finding home in all the places they go to together.
Home is an inevitable part of one’s life. It’s where you go to when you feel life’s becoming a little too tough to bear. Be it your group of friends or a hug from your mom, it is home. It is your comfort and your joy.


Be thankful

We were so touched at how RG was so thankful for Tricia for everything. They teach us that for every thing that happens, be thankful. Be thankful for the small things. With that, you’ll even have a reason to be happy for today.
Love endlessly for it will show you that there is beauty everywhere you go. And it will show you that you can be a blessing to others.


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