We have just been blessed by the presence of Raph Rogoff, the only being you will ever need on this cold and gloomy Tuesday.

Raphael Rogoff’s looks instantly caught the attention of Yes! Magazine and minutes after that Facebook post, the Instagram stalking begun.

On his photos, you’ll see how much of a family man he is.


He also loves hanging out with his friends like every 19-year-old.


But the you’ve probably seen all his social media sites and photos anyway.

The most exciting part, really, is the Internet. His mom being the country’s queen kontrabida, many were willing to experience the ‘wrath’ she shows in telenovelas just to be with Raph. We love how humorous Filipinos can get!

Although, in real life, Cherie Gil is far from the characters she usually portrays on the television. She is a proud and loving mother to her children and is thankful every single day for being given such wonderful blessings.


P.S. He also loves Jollibee. This post was ages ago but we’re pretty sure he still loves Chicken Joy up to now.



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