Forgiveness first

Forgiveness – it’s one of the hardest things to do, but is Pope Francis’ call to everyone. From your roommate who accidentally used your toothbrush to a continuing family struggle, be merciful and forgive. Kidding aside, from the smallest aspect of personal life to something that can eventually change the workings of society, Pope Francis urges us to understand the importance of this act.

He has forgiven before everything else, as he set aside what Donald Trump was known for and gave trust that he is capable of better things. In his letter to the 45th president of the United States, he prays that Trump ‘may be granted wisdom and strength’ and to remember the poor and those outcasted.

Trump vs. the world

Trump is still pushing for ‘America First’ which has created so much confusion the past few months. Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn’t even know what it really means. Whether it’s putting America back as the greatest country in the world, or if it’s kind of like a ‘sub-tweet’ to ridding America of immigrants, we have two options – to sit and wait, or to do small things.

Or we can protest. Trump’s sexist approach on anything ever made and done has led the members of society, not only women, to actively fight. Women’s marches around the world have been on our front pages, and is now the largest inaugural protest in all of history.

Wait and see

Despite warning the public against the rise of populist leaders, Pope Francis still wants to ‘wait and see’ before judging Trump and his ways of leading. Populism, for the Pontiff, is not the answer. The strength of the people lies in the people rather than a “savior”. The Pope fears that in times of struggle, people will not ‘talk to each other’ and work, but give all their trust to someone who says that they can.



*Featured Image from Gregorio Borgia


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