Whether it’s your best friend, your family of 4, or your barkada or barangay you want to bring with you, here are our picks on Tagaytay Airbnb homes because it’s always a good idea to go to Tagaytay. Some Airbnbs here even have pools and you might be able to rent them monthly too! Also in this list are Airbnbs that are very affordable for your overnight stay in the popular holiday town.

For BFFs and couples:

Tagaytay Prime Residences
Entire Home/Apartment – 4 Guests

This quaint all-white room is perfect for those who want a cozy place to come home to after a busy day in the city. It’s great for those who are always out yet still yearn for that homey feel at the end of the day.


Tagaytay Prime Residences
Entire Home/Apartment – 4 Guests

Even if it’s in the same place as the first one, this one is entirely different. It is a French-themed one-bedroom apartment that you and your inner Parisian will love. Its dining area will give you that al fresco feel while you’re dining.

Entire Home/Apartment – 4 Guests

One of the things we really look for in a great place to stay is its uniqueness. It’s also a plus if it really takes you out of that city look because that’s exactly why you went on a vacation, remember? This casita is that perfect place. Look at how homey it is! It’s like one of those rustic aesthetic homes you only find on magazines. And nothing beats fresh oxygen from the foliage.

For the family:

Wind Residences
Entire Home/Apartment – 4 Guests

With that great view of Tagaytay’s vast greenery, this will be the perfect place to stay for when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s not as cramped as other apartments too so it’s great for a small family getaway. Equipped with a fully-functioning kitchen, cook up a nice breakfast to start the day right.


Matt & Lou’s
Entire Home – 6 Guests

If you want a whole place to yourselves, check out this modern 3-bedroom house in Tagaytay. It’s a great place for big families, with lots of space to roam around too. They even have a place outside the house where the kids can play! The place is quiet too since it’s inside the subdivision. The new Ayala mall is a short drive away but if you don’t have a car, there are tricycles right outside the village.

Entire Home – 8 Guests

Having a really large family can be a challenge. It’s a good thing Airbnb Superhost Bernard is renting out this resthouse in Tagaytay fit for 8 people. Plus, he’s even offering transport services to and from the airport. There have been many urban developments in Tagaytay recently so it gets busy and crowded at times. This cottage home is the place to be if you want a nice, quiet (and clean) place to stay.

For the barkada/blockmates/barangay:

Eagle Ridge Family Vacation House
Entire Home – 16+

This is a great place to stay for an overnight trip with friends. It has a patio for that backyard-BBQ-and-some-beer kind of night. This is located inside a golfing community so you know it’s totally peaceful and far from all the pollution outside.


Alfonso Vacation House
Entire House – 10 Guests

Superhost Joann’s spacious cabin-style home is a popular pick for an overnight with the family. Joann recommends it as the place to stay if you’re attending a Tagaytay wedding. It is a bit far from the central city, but you can shop for groceries and cook inside the house anyway. Not a fan of cooking your own meals? Ask Joann for her favorite nearby restaurants.


Windsor Vacation House
Entire Home – 12 Guests

Windsor is a stunning vacation home like no other. Trust us, look at those photos. It’s the only house you’ll ever need in Tagaytay. It’s expensive if you’re the only one but this place is really for you to bring in 10 more people!

Mia’s Garden
Entire House – 6-12 Guests

Mia’s Garden house is that gorgeous modern house you’ve been dreaming of all these years! Oh and you can bring your furry friends too. There’s a large outdoor space if you need a breather, but you really won’t feel cramped in the house because of its tall ceilings and that spacious interior. It’s only 5 minutes away from Ayala Malls Serin and the Starbucks Tagaytay everyone’s talking about.

Side trip to Batangas!



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