Pick up your wallet! If you’re still holding on to your old bills in the New Design Series (NDS), fear not! You can still head over to the bank and exchange them for the new ones (New Generation Currency series) until March 31, 2017.

New Design Series (NDS) / “old money”

The initial announcement on this gave only until end of December 2016 to exchange our bills, but due to ‘public clamor’ they decided to extend it. It’s a good thing they did because some sari-sari stores keep giving me change in these old banknotes.


Quick tip, don’t use your old money to pay for things anymore because it might just get lost in circulation, especially when you’re paying it over small stores. Get rid of your mamaya na attitude and head over to the bank right away. Only banks. They’re the only authorized entities for banknote exchange.

Remember, on April 1, 2017, any bill in the NDS will be demonitized. That means you can’t use it to pay for your favorite street foods anymore!

New Generation Currency series / “new money”

Thinking about keeping the old ones?

No one’s stopping you from that. It will take years but they will develop a higher value as a collectors item.


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