When Apple launched their new earphones dubbed as Airpods, many people reacted in so many ways. One of it was it’s so small that you’ll easily loose it. That’s why Apple is taking some steps to prevent this from happening.

According to Wall Street Journal, they new iOS 10.3 update will come with a “Find My AirPods” feature, which you’ll locate inside the existing Find My iPhone app.

While the the actual AirPods doesn’t support built-in GPS, Apple is able to make a good guess on their location based on the last time that they were in Bluetooth range of your own device. You’ll see them plotted in a map, as with a lost iPhone, albeit with less precision

But that’s not the actual scenario isn’t it? The most probable situation is that you’ll lose one single AirPod somewhere. So, if they’re in Bluetooth range and have enough of battery, you’ll be able to ring a sound from the AirPod just like the Apple Watch. But if any case that your AirPods are out of battery, say goodbye to it as it will be in oblivion forever for the rest of time.

It’s a good feature that’s better than paying a $69 replacement fee.




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