Retired Norwegian physicist Bjørn Geirr Harsson found a way to give Finland a part of Norway’s mountain. While researching he found that Finland’s highest point was not a mountain. It was a hillside but his hill’s peak was already part of Norway. That’s weird.

While he was on top of a certain Norwegian mountain, he could already see the border. So as a gift to Finland’s 100th year of independence this 2017, Harsson proposed to give this mountain top expecting nothing in return.

David Freid made a short film about it called Battle for Birthday Mountain. It highlights the details of the proposition, as well as its rejection last October 2016.

Battle for Birthday Mountain from MEL Films on Vimeo.

The mayor who presides over the mountaintop plus its residents have already agreed to this very miniscule border alteration. It’s only 31 kilometers anyway. Even the Prime Minister of Norway is fine with it, but the constitution does not allow such.

There was a Facebook campaign for this that started in 2015 but ended right after the government notified the public that there is no way this can push through. It is now 2017 and Finland’s 100th year anniversary is only months away, so even we’re hoping for a miracle. It sounds like a great idea, really!

Besides, it’s such a great inspiration for countries all over the world to give importance to peace.

*Featured Image from the Facebook campaign


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