The “wheelchair” or the “disabled” sign is actually officially called the International Symbol of Acccess. Although it is meant to designate a place or transport system as wheelchair-friendly, it really isn’t kept to only the people on wheelchairs. This sign may pertain to many different disabilities whether visible or not.


When a person enters a “disabled” bathroom, the immediate thought of bystanders is usually “he doesn’t look like he has a problem.” We have to understand that there are several invisible diseases that exist. In fact, a lot of our friends and family might even have these.

Conditions symbol pertains to also includes psychological problems as well as brain development disorders like autism.

Because of the widespread misconception that this symbol is only for people with visible diseases, it [the symbol] might undergo a little redesign soon. However, it would be quite a difficult task considering that this symbol is known to many different countries already.

This video by Ted-Ed explains what the International Symbol of Access is all about.


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