When you’re working with a group of people, it’s nice if every member of the team gets along. But there’s also a huge problem with agreeing on everything, there will be no new ideas. It is also known as “groupthink” and to avoid it, you simply have to do the opposite, and that’s to disagree.

Liane Davey, a psychologist and business strategist, puts it at Harvard Business Review. That if everyone on your team agrees on every thing, “working together is pointless.” He stated:

What should be a messy back-and-forth process far too often falls victim to our desire to keep things harmonious and efficient. Collaboration’s promise of greater innovation and better risk mitigation can go unfulfilled because of cultural norms that say everyone should be in agreement, be supportive, and smile all the time. The common version of collaboration is desperately in need of a little more conflict.

To put it simply, when you’re working on a team, don’t be afraid to play the devil’s advocate. It might lead to far better solutions, identify the current problem, or just motivate everyone to do out-of-the-box thinking.



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