February 9 is World Pizza Day! Finally, a day where our favorite food emoji reigns supreme. Although it’s not a national holiday, there is no better way to celebrate today than by having a slice of your favorite pizza even if you’re working or studying right now. So pineapples or no pineapples?

We were surprised not a lot of major stores carry promos. Oh well, that’s fine though! We did find some deals you can avail of only until the end of this day!

Yellow Cab Unlimited Pizza and Soda for only P299

For only P299/head, you can try their new Smoked Bacon and Apples Pizza as much as you want! Not up for some bacon today? Have a great lunch time with unlimited bites of their New York’s Finest Pizza too!

Domino’s Throwback Thursday

This one isn’t a one-day promo! Until March 31, you can get a 10″ Classic pizza and Cinnastix for only P199. No, of course you don’t need someone else with you to avail this one. Eat it by yourself if you want but remember sharing is caring too 🙂

Pizza Hut New Smokehouse BBQ Supreme

Have some Pizza Hut delivered right at your doorstep. Even better, try their new Smokehouse BBQ Supreme pizza, and top it off with some KitKat Pops and Cherry 7UP! OMG we’re so hungry right now we might have pizza delivered now, brb.

S&R New York Style Spam Pizza

We know S&R Pizza’s one of the best but they just can’t stop getting better! Spam Pizza’s here until February 28! We’re so excited today with all the pizzas around we keep putting exclamation points!

Shakey’s 2017 Meal Deal

February’s ending fast so don’t forget to get this super sulit meal deal for you and your friends! Pizza, pasta, chicken, mojos, mozza sticks, iced tea, and a FREE supercard? Yep, all there.

While we run and get our pizza fix, tell us what pizza flavor you got today!

Pineapples or no pineapples?


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