We Filipinos have this bad habit called “Filipino Time” wherein we come in one hour after the call the call time. Sometimes it’s okay to do because the event is not so important or you know that everyone is going to be late because of our crappy traffic in the metro. But if we are late for work, we could be in big trouble that may cost us our job.

That’s why each and everyone of us have come up with all sorts of funny and unbelievable excuses for our tardiness. Often we say “Nasiraan kasi yung tricycle na sinakyan ko”, “Nagpuno pa kasi yung jeep kaya natagalan” and “May pinagawa kasi saken yung parents ko, hindi ako makaalis kaagad!”

Every company that we work in is  different and some doesn’t make a big deal of being late. But keep in mind that if everyone is working their ass out the moment you come in late in the morning, then you’re standing out. With that, we’re going to help you on how to mitigate your tardiness:

Inform your boss if you know you’re going to be late

If you already know that you’re going to be late, the best thing that you can do is call up your boss and you let them know. After that, you might want to ask someone whose already in the office to cover up any work that you have to do. Be sure to treat that someone for lunch as a way of saying thanks.

Know the consequences of your tardiness

Did you miss anything important? If not, then you don’t need to make a huge deal out of it. Maybe they didn’t even notice at all. But if you’re exceptionally late that you made someone wait for you, you may have to make a proper apology email to them.

Say sorry

You’re the one whose late here, no matter what the reason is. So suck it up and say that you’re sorry. Being late is a natural occurrence that is bound to happen to everyone. We’re all human beings and making mistakes is part of the package, so own up to yours and move on.

If you made someone mad, better apologize personally than making an email.

Explain your side

Emphasis on the word “explain”, don’t be mistaken with the word “excuse”. If you have a legitimate and convincing explanation, always voice it out. Don’t make excuses, you’re at fault here. If you feel like your reasoning is too silly and unbelievable, than let that go.

Assure them that this isn’t going to happen again

Of course you know that it is bound to happen again. But wouldn’t it hurt to tell them that you’ll try to avoid it from happening again? Go with “I know that his company values punctuality, and I will strive to be on time in the future.” Nice and simple, right?



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