Achieving hairstyles like these isn’t hard as long as you care for it according to your hair’s length, texture, and dye (if applicable). But sometimes, taking care of your hair isn’t the easiest thing to do especially when it’s high maintenance. These Pinays have mastered the art of haircare and we can definitely learn a thing or two from them. Here are our favorites:

Camille Co

If you’re always on her Instagram feed or her blog, you can’t miss her bright unicorn hair that went from a pinkish-purple to this silvery-pale lavender and blue she currently rocks.

Blown away 🌬

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Vina Guerrero

It’s hard to maintain red or orange hair because the dye will bleed every time wash. Vina Guerrero is an expert in keeping hers bright and beautiful. Although we’re sure Vina can pull off any look, it’s almost hard to imagine her without this signature electric red hair.

Aryanna Epperson

Bleached hair brasses after a while, but not for Aryanna Epperson. She’s still able to keep that golden glossy healthy hair of hers months after bleach, which we know is a total feat!

Miss You-niverse 👋👸🏼 At @officialtimyap’s Miss U themed birthday bash 💖 Happy birthday!! ✨

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Patty Laurel-Filart

Patty is a lifestyle blogger and host, but mostly she is a loving mother and wife. Despite her busy schedule, keeping herself motivated is one of her great talents. Oh and we’re sure her list of talents include haircare too.

Jo Sebastian

Jo is a beauty blogger and YouTuber whose makeup collection is something you will want to have for your life. Aside from that, look at how seamless her ombre hair is! Whatever color it may be, red, purple, brown, that gradient is too perfect.

Angel Locsin

Angel looks good in all hairstyles and we’re super jealous! She recently had her hair cut short and to prove that short hair isn’t boring, her hair was styled slicked back look for a shoot and she looks as gorgeous as ever.

Arci Muñoz

Arci Muñoz has been experimenting with her hair color for a while now. Right now, she has settled for that simple ‘my hair but better’ color we saw during the Miss Universe afterparty. We still miss her silver-purple hair though!

Yeng Constantino

There was a time when the name Yeng Constantino was always related to any girl with mid-length bright red hair. Then Yeng shocked us all with her platinum blonde hair. Now it’s back to brown but get ready, folks. Anytime soon she just might surprise us again with another makeover.

Makeup by Cukie @makeupbycukie ❤️ Contact lens from @freshlookph ❤️

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Mari Jasmine

Mari Jasmine’s lob is not just any lob. Usually, she keeps it straight. Although she can actually style it in many different ways – wavy, slicked back, messy, no bangs, yes bangs.

I am a woman, with opinions. It’s a beautiful thing, to have the freedom to express my thoughts without being persecuted for it. I often take it for granted. There will never be a world where you agree with everyone, not only would that be rather boring, but dangerous. We’ve all seen the consequences of living in our proverbial ‘political bubbles’. Shock horror, it dawns on us that there any many people out there that think very differently to how we do. Conversation and discourse is essential for us to dissect ideologies and make us question our morals and values. It saddens me when I see women being put down (especially by other women!!!) for voicing their opinion! We’re not here to look pretty and sit in the corner. Being “classy” isn’t about staying quiet and not saying anything provocative… I find the notion abhorrent. So boys and girls, here’s to more talking and standing up for what we believe in. I believe in equal rights and opportunities for both genders. I believe in the right to choose who we love. I believe that people should not be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs, the colour of their skin, or how much money they have in the bank. I believe in the right for women to have control of their own bodies. But most importantly, I believe that people have the right, and DUTY, to speak about these issues, no matter what your stance may be.

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Kelsey Merritt

Not sure how Kelsey keeps her hair perfectly straight and perfectly curly 24/7 unless it was personally gifted to her by the hair gods.


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