Stop reading random lists and get to know her better! But hey if you’re really unsure, we’ve got your back. Here are Valentine’s Day gift ideas coming from the girl who hates receiving chocolates and roses for any occasion.

Thank you Pinterest and YouTube for proving that there is no excuse for your other half to give you a bag of air on Valentine’s Day. This is for you who only has less than 24 hours to prepare.

Aries – Simple getaway

The Aries is adventurous and dynamic. Simply speaking, she just wants to get out of the house. Treat her to a nice outdoor dinner or a trip to the mall with some fun activities like watching a movie then going to the arcade. Just don’t get her bored!

Taurus – A nice red lipstick

While the Taurus is determined, she can also be self-indulgent sometimes. Get her the perfect red lipstick that will make her feel powerful and motivated to work whenever she wears it. Here’s a quick guide on how to get her the perfect red:


Gemini – Mixtape

Generally, Gemini girls are into gifts that say something. It would be nice to receive a mixtape or playlist with you singing so it’ll be more personal. If you’re not comfortable with singing, give her a playlist of the songs that remind you of her. You can even put it all in a CD and decorate the cover with a red sharpie, so you don’t look cheap just sending her a link.

Cancer – Hug Coupons

For the loving and imaginative, and for the kuripot and crammer you, print out hug coupons for her to use whenever she needs one. These don’t have expiry dates to show how you’ll love her until the end of time. Try to design your own hug coupon too and put it in an envelope with some money Valentine’s Day cards

Leo – Anything bling

They say think luxury when gifting a Leo. If that’s true, RAM Jewellery just released the necklace collection for her. These necklaces by RAM are made of ‘silver dipped in 18k yellow gold with all clear cubic zirconias’ priced at P2,625.

Thinking of a cheaper alternative? Run to your nearest department store and get a nice shimmery hair clip or earrings she can wear everyday.

Virgo – Care package

The Virgo is a worrier, but only because she requires practical solutions to most things. Surprise her with a decorated shoe box of her favorite food, movies, and just about anything she likes. Put in some bandages and a few vitamins so she’ll feel a little better after a long work day.

Libra – Punny gummies

This star sign is a total romantic. They get along well with people since they’re real charmers. Wrap some candies in clear plastic and top it off with a silly yet witty pun that will surely get her all smiles and kilig.


Scorpio – Storybook

No, not the children’s books you see all around. Scorpios are known to be a little bit mysterious, so give her a book of adventure tales and mysteries. Maybe a collection of your favorite stories from CreepyPasta?

Sagittarius – Cookbook

Your determined and active Sagittarius needs something to keep her busy. Whenever they start doing something, they’re motivated to see to its end. Give her an instructional book, perhaps for cooking or learning music? Try to see what she loves doing and how you can help her achieve her goals.

Capricorn – Fried chicken bucket

They’re one of the more practical and funny star signs. Don’t do the usual bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Get fun! Give her a bucket of fried chicken with some roses or something. At least you get to have some food too.

Aquarius – Roses but not the real ones

Here’s a guy who came up with this ingenious way of giving roses to your girl. Most Aquarius girls are like inventors, so they’ll love something handmade and something out of the ordinary.

Pisces – DIY photo box

The inner creative in the Pisces will love a box filled with your photos and memories of your adventures. Not enough for a box? Try filling it with motivational notes for her to look to when she needs a little boost.


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