While browsing the web, I watched a video from the annual Grammy Awards where Adele demanded to restart her emotional tribute to George Micheal. Scrolling through the comments section, I read mixed reactions. Some are calling her professional for taking the fault like a champ and some are angry at her because she didn’t have practiced enough to make her performance perfect. I want to share my personal response to this video with one overwhelming preface: “You’re never stuck.”

As much as it may feel like you can’t get out of your own mistake, as much as you put on the importance of maintaining your act (your work-life, studies or relationships), as much fear as you have of disappointing your fans (family and friends). Regardless of current situation and regardless of how you’re still singing, you’re never ever stuck at that same, embarassing place.

Let’s site a realistic situation. You may be working in that same company and same position right now, and you’ve always been apathetic to your work and you’re always telling that you’re just there because you want to “work to retire”. You’re clinging to that “it is what it is” motto and you don’t know what else you could do.

I know, and I can understand that sentiment. Heck, even I have the same. It’s hard to get into something new if you’re already comfortable to the same activity that you’re doing right now. But it was this kind of video that inspired me and continued to motivate me to not waste a single moment. I promise you, there’s always something better to be doing right now.

You’re not stuck, it’s your own decision and you’re just comfortable with where you are right now that you’re not actually thinking of going up. It’s not an easy task to break free and do you own thing, especially if there’s no harm in staying. You just need to create an action plan for yourself and not be defined by your age and current situation.

Take it easy

Don’t go running outside with nothing but your dreams. You don’t have to quit right now and just go chase your passion. Always create a plan. Start working on your passions on the side while doing your job. Aim to set yourself up to an easier transition. Time is important and you have to set a deadline for yourself.

Just like Adele, we’re afraid to disappoint our fans (family and friends). We tend to say to ourselves that we’re not good at anything else except the thing that we are doing right now. We’re scared of change. And we tend to convince ourselves when it’s already too late.

The best thing to do right now is to start. Keep pushing forward.


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