With the traffic mayhem that’s currently terrorizing Metro Manila, location-based transportation apps like Uber and Grab makes on-demand private drivers one of the main transportation options for everyone. These apps makes it convenient, inexpensive and secure to go around the city without the hassle of lining up to get a UV express or spartaning-your-way out of the MRT. All you need is to book a private driver to pick you up and take you to your destination with a tap of a button on your smartphone.

Also, being an Uber or Grab partner can also work if you need extra cash. With the drivers that I talked to during my trips, I can fairly say that you could make this your 9-to-5 job and earn much more than Taxi drivers out there. If you’re interested in joining, we’ve made step-by-step guide on how to apply as an Uber Partner. Let’s get down to business:

Things to know before applying

You have to pay for your own taxes – don’t mistake Uber’s 20% of your gross sales transaction fee from LTFRB’s accreditation tax. Uber will also pay the government for their taxes. Understand that, by law, you and the company have the responsibility to pay for your taxes as business entities accredited as TNVS. The remaining 80% of the gross fare you’ll receive via Payout is your income as business entity and independent contractor of Uber. Don’t worry, you’ll notice that there’s a “Taxes” section in your payment statement to inform you.

You need to have the right car – Of course, Uber wants to ensure that your the safety of passengers, so not all cars are accepted for application. Here are the general rules:

  • Uber Manila does not accept vans and pick-ups
  • Your car has to be 3 years old or newer upon date of application. Refer to the date of registration found in your ORCR.
  • All colors are welcome.
  • If you’re not sure if your car is accepted, you can contact Uber directly at partnersmanila@uber.com
  • There’s no engine displacement requirement.
  • For UberX, only mid-sized sedans, sub-compact SUVs and AUVs are accepted. Usually at 1.6L engine displacement
  • For Uber Black, full-sized sedans, SUVs and Luxury cars are accepted. Needs to be greater than 1.6L.

Depending on the type of car, rates vary – UberX and Uber Black both have different price and rates. The latter is more expensive as it has bigger capacity and typically more luxurious.

  • UberX – Php 40 | Base Fare: Php 40 | Per Minute Rate: Php 2/min | Per Kilometer Rate: Php 5.7/km | Cancellation Fee: Php 100 (if request is cancelled after more than 5 mins)
  • Uber Black – Minimum Fare: Php 120 | Base Fare: Php 90 | Per Minute Rate: Php 2.45/min | Per Kilometer Rate: Php 13.75/km | Cancellation Fee: Php 100 (if request is cancelled after more than 5 mins after requesting)

Step by Step Appication

Step 1: Create Partner Profile

First, head on to Uber’s Sign Up Page and fill up the required text boxes (the city you want to drive in). Then determine what kind ou  y service you’ll offer (UberX or UberBlack) depending on the vehicle that you own. After that choose your partner account type. If you will drive your own registered car, select Partner-Driver, if you are a car owner with hired driver/s, select Partner-Operator. Fill in the other necessary fields then on to the next step.

Step 2: Register Banking Details

After your registration, you will then have an account dashboard. Click on the “Banking” menu and you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll have to register your banking details. Do make sure that the name you use while registering is the exact name of the bank account you’re trying to enroll. The Uber Partner (account holder) and the name on the registered bank account does not need to be the same.

Step 3: Enroll Driver

You’ll then need to enroll your driver/s. You’ll need the following: Driver’s Name, Cellphone Number, Email Address, Username and Password. Of course, you can add multiple drivers (including you). Also, be sure that you and your drivers have Professional Driver’s License (with official reciept), NBI Clearance and PNP Clearance (as per LTFRB).

Step 4: Enroll Vehicle

The next thing you need to do is enroll your cars. Also located in your dashboard, you have to register your cars with details including the model, make, year, color of interior and exterior. Then you’ll have to upload the following documents: Proof of Vehicle Registration (LTO Registration, ORCR, Sales Invoice), Proof of Insurance (Comprehensive or TPL), Four pictures of your vehicle (Front, Rear, Inside Dashboard, and Inside backseat view).

Do note:

  • Be sure that all the documents that you’re uploading are not yet expired
  • Vehicle is accepted (Refer above)
  • You can register multiple vehicles
  • Name found on the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance are identical

Step 5: Driver Orientation

After you’re done dealing with the online stuff, it’s time for some practical orientation! Feel free to go to any of Uber’s office for Driver Orientation and Onboarding. Check out the schedules below. During that, Uber will do a background check and results will be released through e-mail after 7 business days. Uber will accept walk-ins for on-boarding any time within the specified hours below:

  •  Taguig (Walk-in) – SMX Convention Center, SM Aura BGC | Monday to Friday (10am to 6pm) | Saturday (10am to 2pm)
  • Quezon City – Regus, 5th Floor Gateway Tower, Gen. Roxas Avenue cor. Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City | Monday to Friday (11am to 6pm)

Do note:

  • Tip: Upload all the document requirement before going in for On-boarding
  • Bring a you valid Professional Driver’s License and government-issued photo ID just in case
  • Shorts and slippers are not allowed. Dress properly
  • You don’t have to bring your vehicle for physical inspection
  • Partner-Operators who do not plan to drive doesn’t need to attend the orientation

Step 6: Issuance of Uber Device

If you both have an active driver and vehicle assigned in your account, you can now claim your Uber device. Devices can be shared by drivers as they only need to login their account for the system to determine who is using the device. Of course, the number of devices that will be issued is based on the number of drivers registered in one’s account. You’ll also have the option to use your own device or rent Uber’s if you want to. You’ll have two option to acquire your device:

  • Online Appointment Booking System – This one is more easier. All you need to book an online appointment and receive your device as long as you arrive during your designated time slot. Just head on to Uber’s Online Issuance webpage.
  • Walk-in Device Pick-up – If don’t want to set an appointment online, Uber will be welcome to accommodate you. Regular device issuance hours are 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Tower, Bonifacio Global City.

Step 7: Apply for LTFRB Accreditation

After acquiring your Uber device, you’ll need to get an LTFRB Accreditation. Uber is currently conducting their own Compliance Program to help everyone have their LTFRB accreditation. You’ll just need to submit the requirements to Uber and they will help you throughout the whole process.

Step 8: Earn Money!

Once you’ve accomplished all the steps above, all you have to do now is use your issued Uber Device and start making trips!

Please let us know if there are details that need to be changed or updated in this post. If you have any questions, just comment it down below and we’ll do our best to give you the most helpful answer.



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