Valentine’s Day just passed and since you weren’t able to celebrate it yesterday (also because of the traffic), maybe you can spend today with yourself or some friends. Talk about your sadness or dwell on those memories that should have happened. Even better, eat it out. Food will love you!

Negative Space Cafe

Negative Space is one of those cafes you will feel comfortable being alone in. There won’t be any crowds or noisy study groups. It’s only you, the artsy atmosphere, and the cafe dog. Akatsuki the Akita treats the restaurant as his little home and you’re free to say hello to him, just don’t stress him out by petting him too much.

Dad was too busy painting and I was bored 😑🐕

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55Square Cafe / Vongarde Art Gallery

Going to art galleries alone can be, well, lonely. 55 Square Cafe bridges people and art. Pieces from the Vongarde Art Gallery fill the walls of the cafe so people can drink their cup of coffee or tea while freely appreciating several works of new and known Filipino artists. Watch out for their events and art workshops too!



There’s no cozier restaurant that Xocolat, a place with great food and hot chocolate like no other. Spend your post-Valentine’s comforting yourself with a steaming cup of cocoa and pair it with their churros or any slice of cake.


Warm up your sawi heart with a tasty bowl of ramen. It’s quite pricey, but this authentic Japanese ramen will bring you straight to Hakata, Japan’s ramen capital.



The North’s best sisig is the ultimate comfort food for your broken heart. Although to be honest it won’t do good for your real heart. Oh well, then looks like it’ll be a good idea to share it with the people who really matter.


Cello’s Donuts

There’s just something about Cello’s cheese donuts that can rid you of all your problems. Now that they’ve moved to a bigger place, their cafe can be your escape from your school crush, or just a place to catch up with that friend you’ve been dying to meet. Ehem.

Their cheese is to die for! 💯💣😍 #sogood #cellosdonuts

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Moonshine P.U.B. x Public Urban Bar

We’ve heard so many great things about Moonshine. It’s the place to be at night when you just want a drink and some ridiculously good food. Just eat! Food will sacrifice itself for you. Food is true love.

Which one will you eat first? 😊🍴 📸: @sheroseontimare

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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Chocnut Champorado

Champorado will love you even if he/she won’t. This resto will prove that even something as traditional as champorado can get with the times. Kanto’s new take to heaven’s chocolate masterpiece has your favorite ChocNut candy in it for added decadence and nostalgia.



Maybe when you’re in for some music and good coffee, you’ll feel like dropping by here. It’s a quaint space in a bustling mall with great music to keep you company because you are all you need.


B. Wings 

When you’re in for wings but you want that Buffalo chicken wing that will heat up your soul. This hidden gem in Katipunan boasts the Black Mamba, their bestselling wing flavor that is both spicy yet sweet.


More food perhaps?

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