If you thought Valentine’s Day was a whirl, the day after that is just as crazy. This is especially true if you’re among the many who got themselves caught in a capitalist construct passing as a, uh-oh!, “holiday”.

You’re welcome to call me bitter, of course. And my “bitterness” mostly comes from the problems that the holiday drags with it. For example: getting stuck in traffic for half an hour on your way home (#vdayhassle!). But hey, that’s alright, love is in the air!

Uh, nope.

Okay. So maybe I am actually bitter. Still, Valentine’s (or V-Day as they call it) is still a perplexing concept for me. And the day after? Well, you just see for yourself.

November Babies

January pa kasi ‘yung New Year, mga bes. Pero good ‘yan. Congrats!

Emptied Wallets

At least hindi ka tinipid, haba ng hair mo eh!

Broken Relationships

Sobrang sakto naman ng timing; sana hindi tadhana yan, bes. 🙁

Withered Roses

Mura lang kasi ang vase, friend, dapat bumili ka.

Enter the Friendzone

Happy Valentine’s Day, FRIEND. Saklap, bes. 🙁

Extended Leaves

Uy…balak mag-Round 2. Landi natin bes eh, no?

Romantic Letdowns

Na-indian. Hindi pinag-handaan. Kulang sa effort. Daming paasa ngayon, mga bes, no?

What’s your craziest post-Valentine’s experience? Chime in the comments below and let us know.


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