Every little girl’s dream is to become a Disney princess.

In that case, Nellee is luckier among other three year-old girls. She only had to say that she wants to be Belle, and her parents made it happen. Nellee got to model as a pint-sized version of the Disney princess, in front of fantastical backdrops.

Check out the impossibly adorable photos after the bump:

Cute, right? That’s one big perk for having a commercial photographer dad like Nellee’s.

Pulling off a shoot like this, however, is a hard task, at least logistically. The prep period happened over the course of one month. Nellee’s parents, Josh and Roxana Rossi, secured all the locations and costumes ahead of time, and enlisted the help of costume designer Ella Dynae to help mirror the look of the iconic Disney princess.

“Usually we are just playing games our kids like. This time we play a game we both truly love, which is taking magical pictures together,” he told Mashable. “I honestly hope that dads will get inspired to spend more time with their daughters and find something they can do together to connect.”

Nellee’s photos look taken straight out of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, don’t you think? Cute!


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