For the longest time, music is the one making us dance. But today marks a revolution, dancing can now make music. So futuristic right?

That’s clearly the goal of Daigo Kusunoki, an engineer in profession, but dancer at heart. The twin wristbands he’s showing off this week at the New York Toy Fair is dubbed as BeatMoovz and is the product of his life-long ambition. Inside each soft-rubber BeatMoovz wristband is a Bluetooth radio and an accelerometer. Every time the user moves his wrist, the near by bluetooth speaker produces a beat. Together with the bands is the BeatMoovz app, which has a library of 400 different sounds. Wearers can assign differnt sounds or instruments to each band, check out the video:

BeatMoovz ships this August for $59.99 (for two wristbands).


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