If you haven’t watched JP Habac’s film, I’m Drunk, I Love You, you’re missing much. For one, it is a finely made film, meant to sober its young characters from their perpetuated intoxications—life, love, and everything in between. It’s one of those films where life is just is, where loving foolishly is not judged, and falling out of love is not a looming threat, but a goal. It’s sensitive, impassioned, and earnest.

Also, films like I’m Drunk, I Love You tend to slip away from cinemas after its first week. If there’s a time to pull a move like we all did for Heneral Luna, now is perfect. Speaking of, TBA, the film outfit behind the film has bundled a twenty-minute short film called “Angelito” which is something of a prequel to the much-anticipated Heneral Luna sequel.

But don’t take it from me. Take it from the following critics/reviewers who have much to say about the new film.

Mari-an Santos (PEP.ph)

“The movie is a trip. A beautiful, colorful one that, if you are willing to strap yourself up for the ride, you will enjoy anyway.”

Read Mari-an’s review.

Louie Baharom (Live Love Cinema)

“An emotionally sincere wake-up call to the millennials and everybody else who get blinded by affections; a cheery celebration of one’s own youth and the idea of it being something that just bursts like a bubble – all kept at a steady pace that pinches the heart, ignites the soul, and gets us to appreciate and savor every passing second as in life.”

Read Louie’s review.

John Tawasil (Perfect Confusn.)

“I’m Drunk, I Love You isn’t just a story about hugot and moving on from love, it’s also a story about moving on from a life of youthful abandon to the scary and uncertain future of adulthood.”

Read John’s review.

Philbert Dy (The Neighborhood)

“[The film] exudes a yearning for the carefree days of being young and drunk and in love, all the while acknowledging how that could never last.”

Read Phil’s review.

Oggs Cruz (Rappler)

I’m Drunk, I Love You…is more than just a love story. There are no would-be lovers, no third parties whose only purpose is to snatch the guy from the hopelessly romantic girl, and no love triangles to reduce it to just another tediously repetitive romance.”

Read Oggs’ review.

I’m Drunk, I Love You is still out in theaters. Watch the trailer after the bump.


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