When was the last time you checked what your Instagram feed looked like? Here are 20 Instagram pros that you should definitely follow right now:

Anne de Guzman 

When Anne isn’t stressing out over tons of requirements for class, she’s busy carefully curating her own (or her guinea pig’s) Instagram feed.

Alexis Angulo 

Alexis’ feed will make you want to look for symmetries and pops of color in your daily life.

Elly Ang 

Elly will astound you with photos of her travel adventures and flatlays of her works in progress.

Janus Novio 

Janus is a talented photographer whose photos capture more than just the beauty of the places he’s been to.

Apa Agbayani

Apa’s nostalgic feed is reminiscent of photos taken by that film camera that was always lying around the house when we were young.

Moira Fonseca 

Moira has fallen in love with the extravagance of life, yet she captures them in such a minimalist way.

Al Amin 

Long for the places he’s visited and for the people he met along the way.

Ritz Aguspina 

Ritz wants to say that he is confidently beautiful with a heart, but would rather divert your attention to his tech blog and photography skills.

Annicka Soriano

Annicka is an illustrator and graphic designer when she’s not taking care of her dogs and experimenting with her makeup.

Byron Co

If you’re one minimalist type of person, check out Byron Co’s feed – one that’s muted yet full of substance.

Sabby Cainap

Sabby’s is another muted feed for your white-out IG theme goals.

Jake Jereza

This filmmaker and photographer will tell you wonderful stories of his life and show you stunning snapshots of what and who he loves.

RG Gabunada

RG Gabunada’s feed is earth-toned and simple with some great food and his wife Tricia.

Manila Visual Explore

Manila Visual Explore is a collection of photos from Filipinos who capture the beauty of their city and the nature around.

Junix Jerald

Junix always makes us want to head outside the city and explore brand new sights and sounds.

Bianca Serrano

This budding filmmaker explores tones and different moods in her splendid photographs.

Yam Jawad

Yam is a professional photographer and one who loves color, lights, and contrast.

Jonathan Barasi

Jon Barasi’s dark muted feed captures all the mysterious sights in any city he is in.

Johna Catacutan

Johna’s flatlay feed is #goals because they are just beautifully crafted and clean all the time.

Armand dela Cruz

Blogging about film is one thing, along with his many other visual and astonishing talents.


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