When I hear ‘summer destinations’ I immediately think of white sand, palm trees, and crystal clear waters. Here’s the thing though – I don’t like the beach. I love looking at the horizon and staying on the sand, but I really dislike going in the water.

Well, looks like I won’t be writing about Asia’s most beautiful beaches. Instead, here are 10 great cities to go to this summer, cities with the perfect blend of traditional culture and modernization. Book those tickets now!


It’s springtime in Seoul during the months where it’s summer here in Manila. The weather is just right and will do wonders to your skin! Seoul is a beautiful city where traditional and modern culture harmoniously intertwine.


A lot of people tell me that if you’re planning to go to Japan for the first time, choose Osaka over Tokyo. Why? Osaka is the city for anyone who likes to get lost and loves to eat.


It’s kuripot heaven! With cheap goods and great food, Bangkok will definitely take the number one spot on your travel bucket list.


Houses that date back to centuries ago are still well-preserved in this beautiful historic city. It’s so peaceful in the morning too, so wake up early and take a stroll along the plaza!


Hong Kong

In this city, you’ll be crossing the streets with a ton of people. Hong Kong’s bustling walkways are where you can discover new sights and food finds.


Portuguese and Chinese culture seem totally different from each other at first yet Macau makes it happen in such an engaging way.


See the lights of the Gwangandaegyo or Diamond Bridge when you’re in Busan. If you’re up for some shopping, this city is home to the world’s largest department store.



Fall in love in the richness of the Japanese traditional culture as you envelope yourself with this city’s age-old charm.


Akita City is the perfect place if you’re looking for a place that centers on traditional culture but is away from all the usual city commotion.


Siem Reap

It might get a little hot in Siem Reap during the summer but don’t let that stop you. The sunrise at Angkor Wat is unlike any other.

What Camera to Bring

Usually in trips to cities, I love using my mirrorless camera to capture every moment. But even if it’s already mirrorless, it can be a bit bulky and troublesome. It doesn’t even come with a flippy-screen so I don’t take selfies with it at all.

In this case, I just prefer using a smartphone! The Oppo F1S is my choice because of its 13MP rear camera that will surely capture that Siem Reap sunrise beautifully. And I take a lot of selfies so thank you Oppo for coming up with a 16MP front cam and selfie panorama for all my #blogger needs!

It’s really the perfect travel buddy. I won’t even mind if I forget my mirrorless cam’s battery or SD card at home.


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