An ever-expanding list of gorgeous cinemagraphs to start your day with

I belong to that island of misfits who used Tumblr. A lot. Most of my time spent there have been reblogging cute Pokémon doodles. Often, though, I’d find things of beauty, like the ones I’m sharing on this article.

They’re called cinemagraphs. They are not to be confused with movies. Cinemagraphs are still photos with certain animate parts.

Take this cinemagraph of a man driving, for example.

We don’t see the actual car moving, just the reflection of the trees and the skies on the car’s hood. It gives a distinct, it’s-moving-but-not-really effect, which is, more often than not, trippy.

Here’s a list of my absolute favorite cinemagraphs I’ve found after years of scouring through the internet.


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