I can snap my fingers left and right—but definitely not three hundred times in under a minute. So to this guy Satoyuki Fujimara, I’m tipping the proverbial hat.

Fujimara, a young Japanese student, recently set the world record and took home a Guinness for the most number of finger snaps done in one minute. He did it during Tantei! Knightscoop, a television show in Japan, where Guinness judge Kaoru Ishikawa was hawkishly supervising his every snap.

Getting a Guinness World Record, 296 finger snaps per minute

The footage is crucial, as it became the basis of Ms. Ishikawa’s verdict. Finger snaps that had audible sounds were counted, and the count came out to a whopping 296 finger snaps. He surpassed the previous record, which belonged to Sweden’s Jens Gudmansen in 2009, who successfully made 278 snaps.

Here’s the record-breaking video in full for your amazement, and a GIF that will definitely inspire dank memes aplenty.

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