Filipinos are getting more and more creative by the day, making new products and innovative improvements to already existing ones. There is even a rise in start-up businesses and social enterprises that answer to the urban-goer’s needs. Here are only some of the many amazing products our fellow Pinoys have made:

For work/school:

dWb Drawstring Bags

dWb is an innovative product that combines the knapsack with the drawstring bag. But wait, it’s not your typical school bag. Their bags are water-resistant, heavy-duty, and even slash-resistant, so no more worrying about your belongings while commuting in the city. Most slash-resistant bags like these may cost a lot more than you expect. However, dWb sells theirs for only P600 (and P800 for the leather ones). Unlike the usual drawstring or bucket bag, these bags have utility pockets for almost everything – your umbrella, water container, and some secret pockets too.

For the home:

Pillow Play

Pillow Play stays true to its tagline – comfort and fun. They have macaron pillow sets, puzzle piece pillows that assemble into perfect shapes, and their popular hamburger set with complete ingredients. They make great conversation-starters too!

Amié Pillows

Warm compress pillows are great additions to the bedroom or living area since they almost mimic that cozy warm hug of a family member or friend. These pillow types can also alleviate muscle pain and those annoying menstural cramps. Amié’s sleepy animal-themed pillows get their warmth from their removable heating pads.

For the palate:


Macarose is the home of international quality macarons and pastries. Gold-brushed macarons and delicately frosted roses are only some of owner and baker Rosemarie Lantin’s many beautiful creations. Their cookies will remind you of warm moments with a loved one, and their cakes are perfect for any memorable celebration.

For everyday wear:


If you’ve ever thought of bringing your Instagram feed wherever you go, Blank can print your favorite IG photo on shirts and tank tops. You can finally bring with you any beautiful moment in your life or that one experience that changed you. The shirt making is not based here in The Philippines, but the technology is purely Filipino-made.


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