I’m so disappointed in Nokia right now. I had so many hopes and expectations for the new 3310 that they re-released yesterday. Unfortunately, the company completely forgot the one reason why anyone even remembers what this phone is nearly 2 decades later.

The Nokia 3310 was first released 17 years ago and now it has been rebooted. But they completely forgot the sole reason why they even should do it. And that’s the durability.

Sure, this phone is so nostalgic that you just want to purchase it for the sake of reliving those memories or in case of emergency but if you’re going to re-release a phone with the same name as 3310, at least justify it with some durability features. But they didn’t. In the actual release, they didn’t even mention a single word about the durability of the phone, nothing.

All they talked about is it’s colors and it’s coolness. But why would they even talk about this phone without that one thing the 3310 is popular for? Before the actual release, I was imagining that the new 3310 would be made up of some unknown material, maybe squash it with a tank, or even throw a bomb with it and when the dust settles, it’s still there working. But no, not even an effort to say that it is has the same body as the old 3310.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I still like them for releasing this throwback phone once again. They added so many colors, a 2 megapixel camera at the back, 2.5G support, a microSD card slot and a battery that claims that it will last about 1 month on stand-by time. But I don’t really think that the features it comes with will make people buy it again, not without the durability it was most popular for.

Am I still gonna buy it? Probably. I mean they might hid this feature under table and I might be surprised that it can actually stop a bullet. I really don’t think that this phone is actually durable but for a price tag of a little bit below Php 3,000? Hell yeah, I’d buy it.


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