Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amazing Jasmine Brown for gracing our featured image because oh my goodness that Moonchild Glow Kit look makes us want to buy all the colored highlighters in the planet.

If watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is your thing, you would know that putting on highlighter is one of the most glorious things ever. And for everyone’s sake, this isn’t about your favorite neon-colored writing material. It’s what makes your cheekbones glow. It’s a sunlight absorber.

Okay, so it’s not a sunlight absorber. But what highlighters are meant to do is reflect light so that the high parts of your face can be accented. Intense glowy highlights are ‘all the rage’ these days. Bretman Rock even puts it on his ears. Most highlighters are gold or white gold depending on your undertone, but if you’re set to become a mermaid, here are several colored highlighters for your life:

Colourpop – $8

Love Luxe Beauty – $10-12

Ffrosty Shadows – $11-30

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moon Child – $40

I Heart Makeup in Unicorns Heart – $6


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