Videos are fun. So fun that we actually reached a milestone from YouTube that we actually spend 1 billion hours watching YouTube daily. Take note on daily.

The milestone “represents the enjoyment of the fantastically diverse videos that creative people make every single day,” Cristos Goodrow, VP of engineering at YouTube, wrote in a blog post Monday. “Around the world, people are spending a billion hours every day rewarding their curiosity, discovering great music, keeping up with the news, connecting with their favorite personalities, or catching up with the latest trend.”

Compared to 2012, that figure actually increased 10-fold. Meaning that more and more people are going to YouTube and watch videos. Also, this may be a hint that our technology is actually easier to acquire compared to 2012. That said, users upload 400 hours of video each minute, or 65 years of video a day.

What a great time to live in, right? Congrats, people of the internet!



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