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Unusually affectionate men from the 1800’s gives zero sh*t about homophobia

Bromance…bromance for days.

A collection of rare photographs of men from the 1800’s have surfaced. These photos are special, because 1.) it is old as jacksh*t, and 2.) it has the ability to trigger the biggest homophobes faster than they themselves could go down on their knees.

The photos show men from said era, being unusually intimate. Hands are held, bodies caressed, and legs placed over another man’s. This isn’t unusual because of the fact that they are men enjoying each other’s affection, but the ease with which these men pose in front of the camera, especially considering their time.

The photos were bequeathed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Columbia University librarian Herbert Mitchell. There are no names and captions that come with the photos, so whatever these men have will be left to everyone’s imagination.

Check out the photos after the bump.


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