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Friar Moustache of the Franciscan Order

Why yes I would like to have a dog officiate my wedding.

This is Friar Moustache, officially Friar Bigotón (Spanish for ‘moustache’), but he’s often called Brother Carmelo.

Kasper Mariusz Kaproń with Brother Carmelo

Yep, that’s a pup wearing a habit. The dog, after living as a stray for quite some time, was adopted by Franciscan brothers in a monastery in Bolivia, according to an article by The Dodo

Los Tiempos also mentioned that Carmelo’s adoption was done through Proyecto Narices Frias  or the Cold Nose Project in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This institution’s aim is simple – to help stray dogs find a loving home.

‘Brother Carmelo preaching to the fish’

Through this experience, the project would also like to encourage parishes and churchgoers to help care for stray dogs by adopting them into their homes.

Brother Kasper Mariusz Kaproń, who posted the photos of Carmelo on Facebook, was surprised by the number of likes, shares, and foreign articles all surrounding their new pet. He said that dressing Carmelo in a habit was just his theology students’ little joke and he completely did not expect their photos will reach the other side of the world.

See the Kasper Mariusz Kaproń’s Facebook album for more photos of Carmelo.


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