It’s officially women’s day today. You know: That day of the year when women are made to feel empowered (and not be frowned upon for it). In celebration of the holiday, companies left and right have gone out of their respective ways to show their support and love for women.

Here are a few of our faves.


Facebook, at the time of this writing, is currently hosting various live streams via its partner pages using the new #SheMeansBusiness platform. It’s directed toward female empowerment at the workplace and in business. There are resources, inspiring stories, and insights about women in business.


H&M really wants to gift women today. They’re cutting 15% off the prices of all women items in their store.

Metro Rail Transit

The LRT-2/MRT lines are treating all women to free rides between 7:00-9:00AM and 5:00-7:00PM. I’m quite passionate about this, because no human should pay to practically sniff some stranger’s armpit en route to work. Good on you, Metro Rail Transit!


Microsoft wants to usher young women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. Apparently, only 16% of women are in this industry, and Microsoft and LinkedIn believes it’s about time we change that.


Google’s S.O.P. for celebrating holidays such as International Women’s Day is by commissioning art to be placed in front of their now-iconic redesigned logo. Today, they are flaunting artworks that honor women significant to history and our personal lives.


IMDb unveils a new rating, labeled simply as “F”, on their website. The F stands for female-driven. I’m unsure how this will make the UX better, but hey, hoorah for equality, right?


Accenture is one of the BPO company in the Philippines, and although the Philippines is not hosting a broadcast, I feel Filipina women will enjoy the broadcasts the company is hosting abroad just the same. Check them out here.


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