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Easy Relaxation Techniques

There are times keeping calm can be difficult. Listening to music doesn’t help as much anymore, nor does having a scoop of your favorite ice cream. If you’re caught in such situation, perhaps you can try these relaxation techniques.

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

This technique helps you get back to the present. This can be used in times when you must get out of internal chaos. Alternatively, I do this after waking up because I usually get sleep paralysis and become unable to tell the real from the dream. Start with a deep breath, then follow this:

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

Remember that video where they teach you how you can fall asleep in 60 seconds? Yep, it’s that one. Though in my experience, it took a lot longer than that. This, however, is a great way to stop and relax when in uncomfortable situations.

I do this for a few times whenever I get anxious in big crowds and it works!

Place the tip of your tongue behind right behind your front teeth and do the following steps:

Relaxation GIFs

I first came across this cat GIF and I found it really calming. Just stare at them or breathe with them for a while to start your relaxation phase.

There are also a bunch of these around the internet!



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